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Astro is focused on meeting the needs of our customer, making a positive contribution to our community and sustaining the environment; this in turn provides opportunities for growth and continued success for Astro Chemicals, Inc. as well as for our customers.

For over 45 years Astro Chemicals Inc. has supplied chemicals to meet the needs of the Northeast. The company’s sales force is always ready and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers.

To Contact The Sales Department Call (800) 223-0776 or email 


Christopher J. Diamond, President

Direct Line (413) 726-1166,
Mobile Phone (413) 531-4581

William P. Cunningham Jr., Vice President

Direct Line (413) 726-1167,
Mobile Phone (413) 531-0495

Keith Cunningham, Sales Director

Direct Line (413) 726-1128,
Mobile Phone (413) 530-8766

C.J. Diamond, Partner

Direct Line (413) 726-1127,
Mobile Phone (413) 531-5960

Donald Eddy, Sales Manager

Mobile Phone (413) 531-1131

Sales Representatives

Chester Duff

Mobile Phone (401) 261-7573

Mark Derham

Mobile Phone (401) 439-6027

Adam Diamond

Direct Line (413) 726-1157,
Mobile Phone (413) 531-1988

Kelly Eddy

Direct Line (413) 726-1126,
Mobile Phone (413) 530-6831

Janis Kraus

Mobile Phone (508) 944-1394

Dean Nickerson

Mobile Phone (978) 337-7132

Rich Palmieri

Mobile Phone (315) 447-4077

Mike Weibel

Direct Line (413) 726-1175,
Mobile Phone (860) 490-0004

Each member of Astro’s customer service team has many years of experience. Please call to speak with them between 7 AM and 5 PM.

Debbie King, Customer Service Manager

Direct Line (413) 726-1163

Customer Service Representatives

Tina Farwell

Direct Line (413) 726-1161

Melanie Maserati

Direct Line (413) 726-1173

Astro has a 5 person team dedicated to Quality and Regulatory issues.  Please reach out to our team with any questions that arise.  They can be reached at


Alison Paloski, Analytical Chemist

Direct Line 413-726-1154

Bob Napolitano, EHS and Regulatory Manager

Direct Line 413-726-1172,
Mobile Phone 413-531-0360

Gay McDyer, Quality System Manager

Direct Line 413-726-1144

Kathy Kruzel, Lab Technician

Direct Line 413-726-1129

Astro has 200,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space located in Springfield, MA.

Tom Bromley, Warehouse/Plant Manager

Direct Line (413) 726-1143,
Mobile Phone (413) 530-1290


Dan Kelly, First Shift Supervisor

Direct Line (413) 726-1137

Tim Garceau, Second Shift Supervisor

Direct Line (413) 726-1138

John Hogan, Third Shift Supervisor

Direct Line (413) 726-1139

Lynne Janis, Purchasing Manager

Direct Line 413-726-1132

Jeff Diamond, Treasurer

Direct Line 413-726-1133

Kari Diamond, Partner

Direct Line 413-726-1134

Eileen Roach, Purchasing Agent

Direct Line 413-726-1149

Terri Bragga, Purchasing Agent

Direct Line 413-726-1150

To Contact The Accounting Department:
Call – (413)781-7240
Outside MA. Dial – (800)223-0776

Will Desrosiers, Controller

Direct Line 413-726-1168

Michele Emrich, Accounts Payable Manager

Direct Line 413-726-1170

Yasie Hidrovo, Accounts Receivable Manager

Direct Line 413-726-1171



Astro Chemicals, Inc.
126 Memorial Drive
Springfield, MA